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For the main space discussion in Wikipedia once I copy this over. Note - THIS PAGE AND ITS TALK PAGE IS GOING TO BE DELETED IN A FEW DAYS AS SOON AS THE TOPIC BAN APPEAL DISCUSSION IN WIKIPEDIA IS OVER. But I may start up a separate Buddhism related wiki here. Impressed by the capabilities of mediaheze!

Lung-gom-pa[edit source]

The Wikipedia page Lung-gom-pa currently redirects to this article. I suggest we do it the other way around, In the Milarepa biography it is a minor detail that is not regarded by the authors as a significante event in Milarepa's life, just a detail mentioned in passing. Probably we should give it similar treatment on this page.

So, something like this

Amongst other attainments the biography says he was able to master Lung-gom-pa or long distance running by a series of bounds rather than in the conventional method used by modern runners. It is said to allow a practitioner to run at an extraordinary speed for days without stopping[cites].

Then the current section becomes the page Lung-gom-pa Robertinventor (talk) 14:19, 11 August 2018 (UTC)