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{{DISPLAYTITLE:User:<b style="color:blue;">Znotch</b><span style="color:red;">190711</span>}}
Hi. My name is Owen. I have previous accounts [[User:Fungster|Fungster]] and [[User:LegoMaster|LegoMaster]].
<div style="text-align: center; margin:0 auto 0 auto;"><font color="#1406D0"><big><big><big>—————————</big></big></big></font>[[Special:CentralAuth/Fungster|<font color="#1406D0"><big><big><big>'''Fungster'''</big></big></big></font>]]<font color="#1406D0"><big><big><big>—————————</big></big></big></font></div>
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Hi. My name is Owen. I have previous accounts [[User:Fungster|Fungster]] and [[User:LegoMaster|LegoMaster]]. (I am in fact the same person as them. :-) )

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Hi. My name is Owen. I have previous accounts Fungster and LegoMaster. (I am in fact the same person as them. :-) )