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    This editor dislikes their user page appearing as a red link.

    #This user chats on IRC as Orange_Star.
    Babel user information
    es-N Esta persona tiene una comprensión nativa del español.
    Users by language

    My custom JS

    Scripts I use to enhance my MediaWiki experience. Feel free to use them. You can report bugs with these scripts on my talkpage or the script's talkpage

    Page Description Required user rights Usage Notes
    User:OrangeStar/customsidebar.js My custom sidebar mods. It adds a link to CentralAuth when viewing an User: or User talk: page, or when viewing an user's contributions, and adds a link to Special:Log. No special user rights required Add the following to Special:MyPage/common.js (for use in Meta only) or to Special:MyPage/global.js (for use on all Miraheze wikis):
    User:OrangeStar/masspatrol.js This script is still in active development
    Adds a button ([patrol all revisions]) next to pages with multiple unpatrolled edits on Special:RecentChanges. Clicking it will mark as patrolled all unpatrolled edits in that page. Can be used to speed up the process of reviewing multiple edits to a page.
    (writeapi), (patrol) Add the following to Special:MyPage/common.js (for use on Meta only) or to Special:MyPage/global.js (for use on all Miraheze wikis):
    The script is unable to patrol minor edits. This will be fixed SoonTM

    If you use custom CSS, the button uses the mw-rollback-link class, the same one used on the rollback button.
    You must enable "use non-Javascript interface" on the recent changes tab of your preferences. Enhanced recent changes is unsupported.


    IRC tricks

    Better formatting for the Discord-IRC relay

    If you use Srain as your client, you can use a feature they call "relay message transform" to make messages from the discord relay bot look better.

    Here's the regex for that: \<(?<sender>[^:]+?)\> (?<content>.*) (very slightly modified from the regex at Srain's FAQ page: \[(?<sender>[^:]+?)\] (?<content>.*)).

    Use the command /pattern add discord-relay \<(?<sender>[^:]+?)\> (?<content>.*), then /render mhbridgebot discord-relay.

    Messages by the bot will now look like messages from IRC users, except with mhbridgebot next to the username. See the image at the FAQ page for an example of how this looks.