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    Fungster (Location: Hong Kong)
    Official username Fungster
    Real name Owen Jason Fung
    General information
    Age This user keeps his age to be secret.
    Gender male
    Time zone UTC+8 (HKT)
    Country Hong Kong
    Current location Hong Kong
    Account stats
    Joined 17:02, 13 February 2019 (HKT)
    Additional information
    Predecessor LegoMaster
    Babel user information
    zh-Hant-N 繁體中文是這位使用者的母語
    zh-Hant-HK-N 這位用戶明白以母語為主的港式中文
    yue-4 呢位用戶有接近母語水平粵文知識。
    en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
    zh-3 这位用户的中文达到高级水平
    en-GB-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of British English.
    en-CA-1 This user has basic knowledge of Canadian English.
    zh-Hans-1 这位用户的简体中文达到初级水平
    fr-0 Cet utilisateur n’a aucune connaissance en français (ou le comprend avec de grandes difficultés).
    ja-0 この利用者は日本語分かりません (または理解するのがかなり困難です)。
    Miraheze Autopatrolled.PNGThis user has autopatrolled rights on Miraheze Meta. (verify)
    Mars symbol.svgThis user is male.
    Soccer.jpgThis user loves soccer.
    blueThis user loves the color blue.
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