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    Hi, I'm Dakota! I'm not really an active contributor here on Miraheze anymore as I once was. I have always loved this community and continue to enjoy watching its growth. My personal notes were one of the projects saved on db141, which was quite a feat to witness!

    Sadly, wiki is a low priority in my life right now. I might do some basic upkeep on my projects here. If you'd like to keep in touch, I continue to welcome messages here (I still get emails and notifications and would be happy to respond), and encourage reaching out on Discord!

    Find me off-meta

    Location Username Description
    IRC: #miraheze connect, #wikimedia connect, #wikipedia connect, ##dross connect dross (@wikimedia/dross) Internet Relay Chat
    Discord dross#1913 Miraheze Discord server
    Phabricator dross Miraheze request and issue tracking on Phabricator
    Miraheze Meta (you are here) Dross Miraheze project
    Encyclopædia Peculiar

    Edit summaries

    I try to add an edit summary to every edit I make. You may find some of my summaries confusing, as I use some shorthand which is common on WMF projects. If you're unsure or confused about any of my (or some other users') summaries, see w:WP:Edit summary legend for a guide on what they mean.

    Personal policy on user rights

    I will never self-nominate for any position of community trust—I feel too much like an imposter when I do so. Therefore, if ever any of you wonderful Mirahezians recognize any work I do or have done, and believe that you would like to see me in a position of trust, please feel free to nominate. I will gladly accept your nomination for the same ethical reason I will not create my own; it is wholly the power of the community members to determine who deserves their trust. I may, however, occasionally request uncontroversial permissions of utility to make life easier during my normal tasks (such as my rollback permissions).

    Userspace index

    This list is automatically generated via Special:PrefixIndex, and is mostly a simpler reference for my personal information pages. Though it is probably most useful to me, feel free to look around if you find something useful.

    Notes to self

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