Confianza y Seguridad/Política

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Acciones de Confianza y Seguridad son acciones tomadas por los respondedores de Confianza y Seguridad, el Director de Confianza y Seguridad o miembros de la Junta de Directores actuando en capacidad oficial para Miraheze Limited, conforme a los Términos de Uso del servicio. Todas las acciones están diseñadas para ser preventivas, limitar el daño a la vida o a la propiedad así como para proteger la seguridad de los usuarios.


Miraheze Limited sostiene toda la responsabilidad legal de hacer cumplir los Términos de Uso del servicio, mas sin embargo, no es razonable que la Junta Directiva de la compañía ejerza razonablemente sus capacidades de cumplimiento en el día a día, incluso en circunstancias excepcionales. The Board of Directors’ formed a Trust and Safety team to handle the day-to-day management of keeping the service safe, which is a team that has full authority to enforce the Terms of Use and act on behalf of Miraheze Limited as reasonably necessary to protect the interests of the company and ensure the safety of users.

All members of the team are authorised by the Director of Trust and Safety, who is authorised by the Board of Directors to delegate these authorities.


When considering a Trust and Safety Action, all available on-wiki abilities are open to being considered to conclude minimal disruption with maximal effect.

The guiding principle for Trust and Safety Actions is to provide the most effective cover to the company and users with the least amount of action being required – that a total service ban should only be considered in the most extreme cases.

Examples of actions available to Trust and Safety Responders include but are not limited to:

  • Full-Service Ban (a T&S ban, formerly a Terms of Use ban),
  • Partial Service Bans (targeting specific services e.g., Phabricator),
  • Ban on pre-defined rights/privileges,
  • Standard administrative actions (blocks, deletions, protections).
CheckUser information and Server-stored logs may be accessed in response to one of the above actions being enacted to retrieve and retain identifying information such as IP addresses and User Agents.

All information collected and retained will be done in accordance with the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act 2018.


All instances of a potential violation of Miraheze Limited’s Terms of Use, whether reported as a complaint or found by a Responder, will be subject to the following steps:

  • Initial Investigation by a Responder to determine whether a potential violation exists.
    • If a potential breach is not found, no further actions by a Responder will occur. It may be referred to a relevant community group, however.
  • Responder will conduct a thorough investigation, following key investigatory points proposed by the Director of Trust and Safety and following this, will make a recommendation of action.
  • The Responder will fill an Investigative Report form for the Director of Trust and Safety, who will then review the recommendations.
    • If the recommendation is not supported, the Director of Trust and Safety will either recommend the Responder collect further evidence or recommend no further action is taken.
    • If the recommendation is supported, the Responder will be tasked with enforcing the outcome.
  • All Investigative Reports are reviewed and are requestable to be viewed by the Board of Directors or anyone duly authorised to view them by contacting the Director of Trust and Safety who is responsible for maintaining all records.