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Providing support and advice: What kind of support can Miraheze offer?[edit | edit source]

Miraheze has various teams that can always assist as a resource for both you and harassment targets. However, while we are always happy to provide advice, we can only take action in certain situations. This can include cases where a community has already taken unsuccessful steps to resolve the harassment or cases of harassment serious enough that the community cannot resolve it themselves. Here are a few types of help Miraheze can offer:

  • Terms of Use violations: Though many activities that violate Miraheze's Terms of Use can be and usually are handled by local communities, Miraheze Sysadmins are the primary line of defence between communities and more severe violations such as threats, privacy violations, and injection of malicious software. In these cases, you should reach out to us via abuse(at) with details of the case. We will review the situation and pursue appropriate solutions.
  • Please note: If you pass an investigation to Miraheze, you will not be given details of their subsequent investigation. While the team will try to keep you informed of the status of the case, investigation details are considered confidential.
  • Target support: Our teams will always try to be a sympathetic ear when we are available and will try to help provide or direct to you to support needed but are neither social workers nor trained mental health professionals.
  • For the safety of all involved, They cannot provide counseling or emotional support, though they can direct community members in need to other available resources for these things.
  • Legal support: Users and team members with legal experience cannot offer legal advice to individual community members.