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<useful documentation>

MediaWiki Static

This section is a draft and may not be fully accurate.

MediaWiki Static is used for hosting files on Miraheze and can be found at It is also used for uploading Backups (dumps) to

[Not sure about this one] It is hosted on Tech:Cp1 and Tech:Cp2 but can also be accessed on Tech:Mw1 and Tech:Mw2

@John: Needs to take a look a this and correct mistakes and better define the functionality of MW static.


  1. Change Bacula to restore static to another server of your choosing [1]
  2. Add 'role::staticserver' to the new server and run puppet
  3. Restore the Bacula content to /srv/mediawiki-static and restart the NFS server and kernel
  4. Change the mount on MediaWiki servers [2]