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To contact a Steward, please visit the Stewards' noticeboard or directly contact one of the Stewards listed below.

Scope of responsibilities

Stewards are users with the permission and authority to use any part of the MediaWiki interface on any wiki. Stewards will work with communities to address issues facing them locally such as disputes, abusive or disruptive behaviour as well as global issues such as disruptive behaviour across multiple wikis. This includes global and local right assignment, use of routine administrator permissions (delete, blocking, etc.) on local wikis and in a global sense (locking accounts, renames), CheckUser and oversight permissions. In the event of an increase in requests for Steward assistance, Stewards may delegate some of these responsibilities to other users. As an example, routine administrator actions may be delegated to 'global sysops' or similar, if a need arises.

As the most elevated 'administrative' role, Stewards can be seen as the go-to authority for interpreting community consensus, and having the final approval for Miraheze-wide policies and Meta Wiki policies. As such, their opinion should be respected unless an obvious community consensus appears, in which case community consensus should overrule unless not possible for legal or technical reasons.

List of Stewards

  • Page last updated: 04 December 2016
User name Languages spoken Other rights
John en, cy-3 administrator, bureaucrat, system administrator
NDKilla en administrator, wiki creator, system administrator
Void en, es-2 administrator
開拓者 ja, en-4, fr-3, it-3, es-3, lzh-3, de-2, pt-2, zh-HANT-2 administrator