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This is a not-yet-official Privacy Policy for Miraheze.


To disable tracking by this site, enable the Do Not Track header in your browser.

Miraheze collects information about your computer, including its location, web browser, and IP address. We do not use external trackers, so any information we collect is not transferred to third parties. We store it for up to 90 days, and do not transfer it to other parties.

We may publish public aggregates of information, like graphs of unique users, browser usage percent, etc. These will not contain any personally identifiable information.

Additionally, maintain an access log of all incoming traffic for 90 days. This logging cannot be disable with the Do Not Track header. This information will only be used for technical or legal reasons, and will never be released to a third party unless required by law.


When you edit a wiki page or otherwise provide content to a wiki, your IP address is logged by Miraheze. If the edit was made with a logged-in account, this information is only available to Miraheze staff (i.e. the CheckUser privilege). If you edit anonymously, your edit is publicly identified with the IP address.

Whatever you decide to put up on a wiki page about yourself becomes public, and is covered under the terms of the applicable content license (typically CC-BY-SA, but see the individual wiki) instead of this policy.


the person reading this


This policy is subject to change after 14 days of public notice.