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For requests please send an e-mail to stewards[at]miraheze[dot]org Do NOT post oversight requests on-wiki!

Oversight (or suppression) is the ability to delete pages, revisions, log entries, and files from the view of users and administrators.


As stated above please do not place requests on-wiki but send an email to stewards(at)miraheze.org or otherwise privately contact a Steward.


Oversight is used primarily for the removal of non-public personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, workplaces or identities of pseudonymous or anonymous individuals who have not made their identity public. This includes hiding the IP data of editors who accidentally logged out and thus inadvertently revealed their own IP addresses as well as the IP data of editors without an account on request. Suppression is a tool of first resort in removing this information.

  • This may include other potentially identifying or otherwise sensitive information, subject to oversighter discretion.

It may also be used in the following circumstances, subject to oversighter discretion:

  1. Removal of potentially libelous information, either: a) at the request of Miraheze Staff; or b) when the case is clear, and there is no editorial reason to keep the revision.
  2. Removal of copyright infringement, at the request of Miraheze Staff.
  3. Hiding of blatant attack names on automated lists and logs, where this does not disrupt edit histories. A blatant attack is one obviously intended to denigrate, threaten, libel, insult, or harass someone.
    • This should only be done on accounts that are also worthy of a lock.
  4. Removal of vandalism. Suppression may be occasionally used to remove vandalism for which removal by normal administrative measures is insufficient. Cases of vandalism should be discussed internally before being suppressed, unless they are particularly extreme or time-sensitive, in which cases they can be discussed after.
  5. Oversight may be used for other reasons: We are not likely to make other exceptions, but reserve the right to do so.