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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Template translation/doc

local this = {}

function this.getLanguageSubpage()
    -- Get the last subpage (this function isolated for debugging purpose)
    local subpage = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().subpageText
    --[[If the subpage is a valid language code, check if a translation of the
        template exists in that language; if so, put it in langcode.
        Check first if there's an apostrophe, because they break the 
        isKnownLanguageTag function.
    --if (mw.ustring.match(subpage, "'") == nil)
        if (mw.language.isKnownLanguageTag(subpage))
            return subpage
    return ''

function this.renderTranslatedTemplate(frame)
    --[[If on a translation subpage (like Foobar/de), this function renders
        a given template in the same language, if the translation is available.
        Otherwise, the template is rendered in its default language, without
        This is aimed at replacing the current implementation of Template:TNT.
    local template = frame.args['template']
    --[[Check whether the template is actually in the Template namespace, or
        if we're transcluding a main-namespace page.
        (added for backward compatibility of Template:TNT)
    local namespace = 'Template'
    local templateFullTitle =, namespace)
    if ( == 0)
    then -- not found in the Template namespace, assume the main namespace
        namespace = ''
    local langcode = 'en'
    -- Get the last subpage
    local subpage = this.getLanguageSubpage()
    if (subpage ~= '')
        langcode = subpage
    -- Copy args pseudo-table to a proper table so we can feed it to expandTemplate
    local arguments = {}
    for k, v in pairs(frame.args) do
        arguments[k] = v
    -- Render the template
    return frame:expandTemplate{title = namespace .. ':' .. template .. '/' .. langcode, args = arguments}

return this