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ویکییەکی تایبەت بەخۆت دروست بکە لەگەڵ Miraheze

%١٠٠ خۆڕاییە و لەلایەن خۆبەخشانەوە بەڕێوەدەچێت

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Why choose Miraheze?

There's lots of reasons to choose Miraheze! Here's just a few reasons why ٦٬٨٣١ wikis trust us to host them:

بە خۆڕاییە

ھیچ ڕێکلامێک نییە

Offering over 300 extensions and dozens of skins

Running the most recent version of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia

Friendly volunteer community support, open to your requests

  • Community-centric wiki farm which listens to its users

%١٠٠ کۆدەکانی کراوەن (code)

Possibility for custom domains

HTTPS for all wikis

Free CSS, JS, and template database, and free image repository

Learn more about Miraheze in our FAQ.

Chat with us!

We don't bite! Whether you need help, are looking to migrate to Miraheze, or just want to chat with us, we're here for you. Our friendly volunteers will assist you in every step of your wiki journey. Join us!

IRC: #miraheze (recommended)

Discord: https://miraheze.org/discord (recommended)

On-wiki: Help center

Social media:

Facebook: Miraheze

Twitter: @miraheze


We're always busy! See what we've been up to lately:

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