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Više naučite o nama čitajući naša često postavljena pitanja.


  • Juli 2020: 5 godina je poršlo od stvaranja Mirahezea!
  • Maj 2020: Miraheze sada ima 100.000 globalnih korisnika!
  • Decembar 2019: Miraheze nadograđen na MediaWiki 1.34!
  • November 2019: Miraheze is now a not-for-profit in the UK. See Incorporation for more information.
  • July 2019: Miraheze celebrates 4 years since creation!

For archived news please see the news archive.

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Miraheze is entirely community-supported and has no advertising. We appreciate contributions of time, money, or expertise.

  • Contributing; learn how you can use your knowledge and time to help us.
  • Donate; a record of previous donations and costs are available here.