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    Miraheze celebrates seven years! 🎉

    🎈 July 22, 2015 - July 22, 2022 🍰

    90% of companies (including non-profits) never make it off the ground. 80% of them fizzle within the first 5 years.

    Yet here we are, Miraheze has defeated the odds. Of course, we owe this all to you, our users, volunteers, and donors. Without your steadfast support, Miraheze would not be here nor would it be able to provide the services we do. When Miraheze was founded, we never envisioned that we would one day be home to 5,000 communities with over 300,000 users and 2 million unique visitors per month. From NATO to official wikis for a variety of topics to small, tight-knit communities, Miraheze hosts it all.

    This past year has been anything but easy. We're sure you've seen the slowness in speed we've experienced. Obviously, this is not an experience we want to provide you. Who wants a slow wiki? No one! That's why we've been trying our hardest to improve your experience with our available resources. In February, we bought our very own servers which gives us the freedom to scale as we wish and upgrade at any time. You may have noticed that wikis load faster now but we're not done yet. With your generous donations, we are now able in the coming months to upgrade our servers even more which will hopefully improve our load times.

    We've seen a tremendous amount of new communities on Miraheze and we can't feel anything other than joy. Miraheze is truly a one-of-a-kind wiki farm like none other. We are so grateful you have chosen Miraheze for your wiki hosting needs. This past year was a challenge but we look out to the future hopeful. We owe this all to our users, thank you! Here's to 7 more years of Miraheze and more!
    On behalf of Miraheze,

    Owen Baines
    Board Member and Director of Trust & Safety
    Alexander Zimmerman
    Board Member, Steward, and Site Reliability Engineer
    John Lewis
    Steward and Engineering Manager (Infrastructure)
    Steward and Engineering Manager (MediaWiki)
    Agent Isai
    Steward and Community Engagement Specialist
    MediaWiki Engineer
    Site Reliability Engineer
    Universal Omega
    MediaWiki Engineer
    Doug Mehus
    Trust & Safety Responder
    Love Miraheze? Help us out!

    Everyone can help Miraheze out, whether it's in a big way or a small way, all help is much appreciated! Consider the following ways you can help:

    Help us improve our services, please consider donating! None of us get paid so your entire donation goes to improving our services and uptime so please, lease consider a one-time or recurring donation.
    Would you like to contribute back to Miraheze as a whole? Are you experienced with community building, Information Technology, running not-for-profit organisations or anything else? Check out Contributing, Miraheze Vacancies or ask us how you can help on the Community noticeboard!
    The easiest way to help out is to find a wiki you're interested in, click the edit button, and start contributing.
    Want to start your own wiki? Request a private or community wiki here on Miraheze. It's free!
    At a glance

    Below are some statistics on Miraheze which reflect our growth and can help paint a global picture.

    • Wikis hosted: 5294 wikis
      Though the number fluctuates, we currently have 5294 wikis. At our peak, we had 7,000 before we deleted some inactive ones.
    • Global user count: ~337,857 users
      Miraheze keeps growing! We have added thousands of new users since last year, perhaps even you yourself!
    • Visits per day: ~2 million
      We're up 50% in page visits per compared to last year, Miraheze is seeing tremendous growth!
    • Volunteers: ~24 (active)
      Volunteers are essential to our operation. At this present month, we have about 24 active ones and a smaller group of fully active ones. Every single volunteer matters, if you wish to volunteer, see Contributing!
    • Cash reserve: ~£2775.59
      Miraheze has this amount at the moment. This goes entirely to server costs, none of this goes to pay anyone. If you can, please Donate and help us stay online for many more years to come!
    • Spend: ~£320/month
      Miraheze spends this amount every month to pay for servers. While it may not seem like it, serving 2 million users a day requires massive amounts of servers.
    Share your own thoughts and stories about Miraheze on our discussion page.
    Thank you for forming part of the Miraheze family!