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CREDIT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:2012_main_page_redesign_proposal/Mattbr

Welcome to Miraheze,
a non-profit wiki farm where we love to host your wiki - for free, and ad-free.

About Miraheze

Miraheze (named to the stars "Mira" and "Heze") is a free, non-profit, ad-free and open wiki farm, where wikis are hosted. Miraheze is maintained by volunteers, and it's our goal to ensure you will enjoy wiki hosting by Miraheze as much as possible!

We are an alternative to wiki farms where you find a bunch of ads, are stuck by technical limitations of the wiki farm or where the hosting is in the hands of unfriendly staff. There are enough reasons to choose Miraheze:

  • Miraheze is free! No hidden costs, promised;
  • Your Miraheze wiki always runs on the latest stable MediaWiki (the wiki software that powers Wikipedia) version;
  • Miraheze doesn't have ads, and will never have. A +1 for visitor experience;
  • A friendly volunteer community that is here everyday to help you to get the best out of your wiki;
  • All *.miraheze.org wikis have HTTPS;
  • Many extensions and features (more can be requested too!)

You might want to read our FAQ as well.

Convinced by the reasons why you should choose us? Cool! Don't wait any longer, create an account and request a wiki!


You might want to subscribe on our site updates too!

  • August 2015: Miraheze has been started, and running!

In the news

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