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* توییتر: [https://twitter.com/miraheze @miraheze]
* توییتر: [https://twitter.com/miraheze @miraheze]
* Email: staff{{@}}miraheze.org
* <div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
رایانامه: staff{{@}}miraheze.org
* On-Wiki: [[Community noticeboard]] (questions/discussions) OR [[Stewards' noticeboard]] (requests that require a [[Steward|Steward's]] attention)
* On-Wiki: [[Community noticeboard]] (questions/discussions) OR [[Stewards' noticeboard]] (requests that require a [[Steward|Steward's]] attention)

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If you need help with your Miraheze wiki, or just want to know something more about the Miraheze project, then you have come to the right place! Below you find some boxes, with each of them providing information about a topic.

This page has been translated: Scroll down to see additional languages.

میراژز چیست؟

Miraheze is a project with the mission to provide everyone high quality wiki hosting. We are a group of volunteers, and we all have a lot of experience with managing wiki farms.

Miraheze was founded in July 2015, and depends on donations, by people like you. None of us get paid for the work we do, but we love it, and we hope you do too.

کمک برای ویکی شما

Miraheze has a great collection of extensions. Some of them are enabled by default, others (such as VisualEditor) can be enabled via Special:ManageWiki. You can also request an extension that is not in our collection yet; please look at Request features for more information. Please read this page too if you want to request a configuration change (logo, favicon, other features, etc). If you have any other problems or questions feel free to ask at our Stewards' noticeboard.

If it’s templates you’re looking for, Miraheze has its own template library located on template wiki.

You might also want to read our FAQ.


MediaWiki is the wiki software we use to power the wikis. MediaWiki is open source software developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and volunteers, and is used for thousands of wikis/projects, like Wikipedia.

MediaWiki offers a ton of features, and is highly extensible. On their wiki you can find a lot of information in their manual. You can use the helpdesk if you need help, or you can contact us if you experience a problem.

تماس با میراژز

Still have a question (that hasn't been covered on this page yet)? Or do you want to know us better? Feel free to contact us :)

  • آی‌آرسی: #miraheze (نیازمند است)

رایانامه: staff at miraheze.org

If you want to make a request or a proposal, pages for various types of requests / proposals are listed here.

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