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OOjs UI icon articleSearch-ltr-invert.svgWelcome to the Help center!

Miraheze Logo.svg What is Miraheze?

Miraheze is a non-profit wiki farm with the goal of providing everyone high quality wiki hosting with flexibility. We are a group of volunteers with a lot of experience in managing wiki farms.

We don't display ads and we run completely on donations made by people like you. None of us get paid for the work we do, but we love it, and we hope you do too. For more info on us, see FAQ#General.

Getting started...

Hop right in! These links will allow you to create an account or request a wiki easily.

MediaWiki-2020-icon.svg Help for your wiki

Miraheze runs on MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia, and offers a great collection of dozens of extensions and skins. ManageWiki (unique to Miraheze) lets you enable extensions and skins instantly along with changing your wiki's settings to your heart's content.

Want an extension enabled that's not on our list? See at Request features for more information.

If you have any other problems with your wiki or questions about managing your wiki in general, you can ask at the Community noticeboard, on our Discord server, or at #miraheze connect
(IRC help disclaimer)

Wrench font awesome.svg ManageWiki

ManageWiki is a tool used by wiki administrators to manage their wiki. ManageWiki can change most aspects of your wiki, such as extensions, skins, logo, Discord webhooks, recent changes, Abuse Filter actions and much more!

Can't edit ManageWiki? Make sure you're logged in to an account with the bureaucrat or managewiki right on your local wiki. Still can't access it? Ask in the Community noticeboard for more help.

Can't find a wiki setting in ManageWiki? Make a Phabricator task asking to change the value of the setting (link in next section).

Phacility phabricator logo.svg Phabricator

Phabricator is Miraheze's issue tracking system. If you ever have a technical issue or request, simply make a task here.

To use Phabricator, you will need to login with your Miraheze account. Issues on Phabricator are called tasks.

Phabricator tasks will be responded to accordingly. Please be patient and know that we are aware of every new task made. If days pass without an update, you can try asking on Discord or IRC for a status update.

Donate.svg Contributing

Miraheze is sustained by contributions from people like you! Whether it's donations or volunteering, all types of contributions are appreciated.

No one at Miraheze is paid, we're all just volunteers who love to help people. From Stewards to Wiki Creators, we're all volunteers!

Any little bit of help is appreciated. Getting started is not hard. Know the answer to a question? Don't be afraid to say it!

Can't contribute on-wiki but love Miraheze? Donating is another way of contributing which is also very appreciated!

Question mark (black).svgContacting Miraheze

Have a question that wasn't answered on this page? Want to know us better? Feel free to contact us! We don't bite :)

  • Email: sre(at)

If you want to make a request or a proposal, pages for various types of requests/proposals are listed here.