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The wikitable below will hold all in-going and out-going financial information for Miraheze. All data that is listed here is considered free and open and can be shared without limitations. If information is missing, it is assuming to be non required, not applicable or hidden for legal or personal reasons. Any queries regarding this should be directed to Labster.

To add money to this account, see Donate.

All amounts on this page are in US Dollars.

Note: In addition to the account below, Miraheze maintains roughly $100 as a RamNode credit to ensure uninterrupted service.

Date Payee Payer Amount Balance Comments
2018-01-01 Miraheze Balance Forward $2724.67 Balance from 2017
2018-01-03 LeaseWeb BV Miraheze -$99.57 $2625.10 Hosting trial
2018-01-06 Miraheze CoolieCoolster +$10.00 $2635.10 Thanks for the donation B-)
2018-01-13 Backupsy Miraheze -$6.00 $2629.10 Backup hosting
2018-01-18 Miraheze 鈴木 敏哉 +¥438 $2632.93 Thanks for the donation ^_^
2018-01-18 RamNode Miraheze -$100.00 $2532.93 Hosting costs
2018-01-18 Backupsy Miraheze -$6.00 $2526.93 Backup hosting (upgrade)
2018-02-07 Miraheze Natewestervelt +$20.00 $2546.93 Thanks for the donation 0:)
2018-02-13 Backupsy Miraheze -$12.00 $2534.93 Backup hosting
2018-02-07 Miraheze Arido +$0.42 $2535.35 Thanks for the donation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2018-02-21 RamNode Miraheze -$160.85 $2374.50 Hosting costs, up reserve to $150

Previous years: FY2016 and earlier, FY2017