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Discord is ultimately managed by Site Reliability Engineering and other staff (board and stewards). Site Reliability Engineering have full administrator access, and other staff roles have moderating roles as needed.


  • Have full administrator access: Discord Manager
  • Have access to moderation tools: Stewards, Board Members, CVT (only in the #cvt), Site Reliability Engineers
  • Grant roles: Stewards (should only grant roles to Stewards, CVT, Interwiki Administrators, and any other role other than roles for the Technical Team as may be from time to time necessary with valid use cases) and Site Reliability Engineers (should only grant roles for the Technical Team and limited other roles, such as "Verified Wiki Users" where a user was previously manually verified)

* Note: Site Reliability Engineering team continues to have access to platform moderation tools, but they are considered functionally subordinate to the preceding three role groups, and should only act in this respect when Stewards have not acted within a reasonable period of time.

Full admin access

Discord Manager has full admin access.

Stewards and Board

Stewards and Board Members can...

  • kick someone
  • ban someone using Robyul
  • manage nicknames
  • manage messages on a channel they have access
  • manage voice channels
  • only stewards: manage roles (should only grant roles to CVT and Interwiki Administrators)

Site Reliability Engineering

The Site Reliability Engineering team continues to have the above moderation tools, but should only act, where required, when a Steward or other CVT team member is not available. They are functionally superior to Stewards in terms of administrative access to the Discord server, but functionally subordinate to the same in terms of platform moderation.

List of Discord ops