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Miraheze can make wikis available on custom domains (like on request. The only things we need is you to follow the below steps, and an SSL certificate for your wiki (no SSL certificate, no custom domain - We do not accept StartSSL or WoSign certificates. If you wish to use LetsEncrypt, please state it in the email as LetsEncrypt is a process we handle entirely without intervention/additional work from you other than pointing the domain to our server):

  • If you can change the DNS name servers:
Note: if you already host a website on this domain, it will become unreachable.
  1. Change the name servers to "" and "" (contact your domain registrar if you don't know how to do this);
  2. (If you haven't already) When requesting a wiki put your custom domain (e.g. in the "custom domain" field and make the "subdomain" field empty;
  3. Send a mail to csr at with the request to generate a CSR for your SSL certificate (do not forget to include your domain name!);
  • If you can't change the DNS name servers:
  1. Add a CNAME on the subdomain you want (e.g. "wiki."), and point it to "";
  2. Put your custom domain in the "custom domain" field (and leave the "subdomain" field empty);
  3. Send a mail to csr at with the request to generate a CSR for your SSL certificate (do not forget to include your domain name!);

In the meantime a wiki creator will create the wiki, and associate a domain with it.

If it is not LetsEncrypt: A system administrator who handles your CSR request will shortly after generate a CSR & private key (for use at our own servers), and the requested CSR will be emailed to you. You use this CSR to request your SSL certificate vendor to generate an SSL certificate with the CSR we gave you. You will need to email us the generated SSL certificate when this is done. If all of these steps are done, we will add the custom domain to your wiki, and we will notify you when this all is done.

If it is LetsEncrypt: There is nothing left for you to do, a system administrator will take care of all the remaining steps.

Need help with any of the steps? Reception123, NDKilla or Southparkfan can help you.

Free domains

You can register a free subdomain with any domain that you want (as long as they have it on the site) instead of the Miraheze domain. Some domains are very short so you can have most of the full domain name be for your wiki.

Available sites

SSL Providers

Miraheze accepts most SSL certificate providers that are accepted by browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. As mentioned above, we do not accept WoSign certs anymore.

Current providers used by Miraheze custom domains

Below is a list of the current SSL certificate providers used by custom domains. This does not mean that others not in this list are not accepted.

LetsEncrypt - managed by Miraheze, all steps regarding LetsEncrypt (except setting nameservers) are done by Miraheze Sysadmins