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This is a draft policy.

The primary purpose of your wiki cannot be for commercial activity.
Miraheze is not a free hosting service for spam and SEO, either. However, you can have limited fundraiser-type sales or provide an informational site supporting a commercial activity (for instance, a wiki describing characters from a commercial work of fiction).
Miraheze does not host any content that is illegal in the Netherlands or California
This includes sales of various forms of contraband (ivory, fissionable material, roofies), incitement to violence, or underage nudity. While we expect wiki administrators to help police this, Miraheze reserves the right to delete illegal content without prior notice.
Under the DMCA, Miraheze must remove material reported as infringing copyright, but the editor or administrators may file a counter-notice if the content is not, in fact, infrigement.
A wiki must not create problems which make it difficult for other wikis.
Things which have a tendency to draw unwelcome attention to the wiki farm, such as hate speech, routine denial of service attacks, excessively violent content, or places in which illegal activity is discussed can create conditions that penalize other wikis, either in SEO, domain blacklisting, downtime, or excessive Miraheze staff time usage, especially in terms of policing content or insuring system stability.
If we believe that your wiki proposal will hinder other wikis, we may decline your request. Additionally, we may suspend your wiki if these problems occur later, though this is very rare.
Miraheze may delete unused and empty wikis
You can ask for an exception to this, if necessary. See Dormancy policy.

If Miraheze takes suspends public access to your wiki for any reason, we will preserve your content whenever legally and technically possible.