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Election Commission members are appointed every 1-2 years. The election is held in accordance with Community Directors and Community Directors/Election Commission.

Community Directors Election Commission Election, 2019


The community will select up to 3 members of the commission.

Election rules
  • The vote will be open for at least 7 days.
  • Up to 3 people with the most support votes will be elected.
  • In order to be elected, a nominee must have at least 60% support of 20 users.
  • Those who created an account before the nomination period (lasting 7 days starting 18:50 UTC 2nd December 2019)
  • Those who are blocked on Meta at the time of voting or are globally locked are ineligible for voting.
  • All nominees are allowed to vote if they wish. They cannot vote for themselves.
  • Nominees must contact Owen with their email address before nominations close.
  • Nominees should not intend to become one of the Community Directors within 24 months or expect that an immediate family will become one to avoid a conflict of interest.


  1. Reception123
  2. RhinosF1
  3. Dross (statement)
  4. revi

Statements and questions

You may ask nominees questions on the talk page. Candidates are welcome to make a short statement their or by their name above.


Voting for the election is held at Community Directors/Election Commission/2019 Election/Vote.


Previous elections

  • None