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<languages/>Automatic archival service is provided by [[User:Revi|revi]] via [[User:Revibot|Revibot]]. Currently, this is done only for Miraheze Meta, but if you want to use this on your wiki, [{{fullurl:User talk:Revi|action=edit&section=new}} contact revi]. Note that your talk page must have same structure as it is on this wiki. This means Structured Discussions (also known as Flow), and other discussion threading softwares are not supported.
目前,此功能僅使用於Miraheze Meta。如果你想在你的維基上使用此功能,請聯絡[{{fullurl:User talk:Revi|action=edit&section=new}} revi]。
注意:你的討論頁必須和此維基有著相同架構,換句話說,Structured Discussion (又稱之為 Flow)或是其他的對話線程軟體均無法支援。

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目前,此功能僅使用於Miraheze Meta。如果你想在你的維基上使用此功能,請聯絡revi

注意:你的討論頁必須和此維基有著相同架構,換句話說,Structured Discussion (又稱之為 Flow)或是其他的對話線程軟體均無法支援。


  1. Make sure your archiving page is subpage of original page, or it will not work unless bot owner's approval. For the approval, please contact revi.
  2. Bot only archives texts below h2 level section (==Your topic==) and nothing above it. There is currently no way to change this value.
  3. Bot does not care whether your topic is very important that deserves longer visibility. It only cares about the date of the last comment. If you want to prevent bot from archiving your important comment, put following snippet to the section: <!--23:59, 31 December 2099 (UTC)--> Removing this will trigger archive as defined by the template.
  4. Bot only recognizes standard signature time, like 10:10, 5 March 2018 (UTC). Timestamp that does not follow this format is ignored, this means your comment will not be considered when bot checks if the section is going to be archived, and nobody will get an exception. Use the standard timestamp format. You will get this if you just use ~~~~~.
  5. By default, bot will skip your talk page if it will have less than 5 topics after archiving them. You can override this by using |minthreadsleft=(your value).
  6. By default, bot will skip your talk page if it has less than 2 topics to archive. You can override this by using |minthreadstoarchive=(your value).
  7. If you need to unarchive it, unless archival is done in error, revi suggest that you open a new, fresh section with the old discussion link, because the fact that it is archived means it was archived because nobody cared.
  8. Bot cannot edit pages protected as "Allow only logged in users". Either do not protect with such protection level, or disable the bot. revi currently have no interest in fixing the bot to support user protection level.

See {{Autoarchive/config}} for setup.