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Page editing

Please don't change people's deletion reason comments, and don't remove content from pages, leave that to the admins. Thanks. MacFan4000 (Talk Contribs) 17:16, 17 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@MacFan4000: Hello. What had confused me was you reversing the edits, so I had even thought it was accidental, with the reason for deleting the page falling into two reasons. Anyway, it looks like this case has been resolved, so forget it. --YellowFrogger (Talk) 17:34, 17 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

about a wikiearth

Well, as the wiki was made before my thought, i wanted to make it private so no one can see it. (It's basically my own wiki for other things), is it okay to leave it to me? Encedent (talk) 05:19, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Encedent: Hello. Of course you can. I don't remember editing this wiki, but you can make the wiki private at Special:ManageWiki/core
--YellowFrogger (talk) () 05:23, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Ok, one last question: Will the articles/texts and etc be shown by the server's owners? Encedent (talk) 06:09, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Encedent: Could you elaborate on this? Agent Isai Talk to me! 06:13, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
If I can guess your meaning (to instead of by), it is possible that SRE with deep server access and Stewards can view private wikis, but neither should actually do it without exceptionally good reason and both groups (as well as the even rarer appearance of Trust and Safety) are additionally under a Non-Disclosure Agreement obliging against the sharing of private information. Note that your front page is also available for public viewing, so anything truly private should not be placed on there. You can make it a redirect to a 'true' main page to circumvent this. --Raidarr (talk) 11:59, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
To summarize, SRE (the miraheze engineers) can dig through the servers because..well...they kind of own them, but they won't go and get information in private wikis anyways. It's like google won't delete all of your information attached to your gmail account.  Anpang📨  12:08, 20 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Using Template:Unsigned

Hi. Please remember to add the second parameter of the template along with the timezone. Thanks! --Magogre (talk) 18:42, 21 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

I'll see if I use this parameter in unsigned to put date and time of comments! Thanks for letting me know. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 18:52, 21 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Phabricator Herald rule disabled

Hi, please note that I've disabled the Herald rule you created (H74) because it is too broad and not even anyone in SRE has a rule that subscribes them to everything. You can re-enable the rule as long as you make it more specific to projects, etc. and things that you plan on working on or are specifically interested in. Reception123 (talk) (C) 06:55, 22 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Quick deletion of Requests for Comment/Noticeboard for local blocks/global locks

Ambox deletion.png
The page you wrote, Requests for Comment/Noticeboard for local blocks/global locks, has been selected for quick deletion. If you think this page should be kept, please add {{wait}} below the line {{QD}} and say why on the talk page. If the page is already gone, but you think this was an error, you can ask for it to be undeleted. You can find more information about the reason here. DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) (contribs) 14:25, 22 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Unfortunately I can't move the page without leaving a redirect. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 16:56, 22 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Civility in edit summaries

Hi YellowFrogger,

While the page has been deleted, I just thought I'd touch base with you regarding this now deleted revision (the revision itself is not revision deleted, but rather, the page in question is deleted) in which you express an expletive towards an LTA. While I can sympathize, and indeed, empathize with your frustration, it's important to maintain composure and civility in edit summaries—even when it's from an LTA. Expressing the f-word in an edit summary merely gives trolls what they want: attention. Just revert, and move on. :)

Dmehus (talk) 00:13, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

My thoughts are similar. But the takeaway is not "just that it gives them attention". The civility policy does not cease to exist when speaking to a user evading a block. Naleksuh (talk) 00:15, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: Hi. I'm wrong about that and I'll try to avoid it as much as possible now. Also because I don't like that word (I've never used it and I don't even use it to really talk about it), first because this is terrible. This act was out of a quick thought of me wanting to piss off the LTA. I will avoid it forever from now on. Thanks. Greetings --YellowFrogger (talk) () 00:27, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, sounds good. If I see something similar in the near- to medium-term, though, I'll have to remove the patroller permission for a reasonable period of time. Dmehus (talk) 00:29, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: If you want to do it now :) --YellowFrogger (talk) () 03:04, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Is this a request for self-removal? I'm fine with leaving it on for now; just trying to guide you for the future, to prevent you having it removed for cause. Dmehus (talk) 03:58, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: Sorry for the late reply, due to the slow server. I'm not asking for self revocation, I've just stated that if you feel I should have the rights revoked, go ahead. I didn't like the way you said you would revoke my rights if I kept doing this, to be honest you should just say I should stop doing this. My talk is already infested with warnings. But if you don't want me as a patroller (or feel I shouldn't have it/should be revoked) remove it quickly.--YellowFrogger (talk) () 05:31, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Not Doug, but I think you are doing okay from what I can tell so far. I don't think you need to have it removed just yet over a mistake that anyone could make. I am always willing to help and listen to you as well. Hypercane (talk) 02:09, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you

Thank you for the encouragement as seen here. I really appreciate it too. Who knows maybe by then someone could have nominated me, only time will tell. Hypercane (talk) 02:11, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Hypercane: You're welcome! If someone refers you, there are more chances. Just keep participating in a community way. I also like to help, and maybe with the wiki creator we can help more. While what Doug said above was a heartfelt warning to me not to feed abusers, which is really recommended and I needed to be warned. Greetings. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 02:22, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Alright, well I just don't want to seem like I would be hat collecting. That is why I would prefer to be nominated versus applying again for it. In any case, I hope you do well too. Hypercane (talk) 02:27, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Hypercane: Thanks. It's okay to request for rights, only if it's a lot (following each other in short time), then it's hat collection. Now, if you do it with the intention of helping, no problem. I suggest participating in RfCs, polls, translations, and on the noticeboards (in case you know if you're helping a user), as there are many easy answers to resolve eventually. If you do a decent job on Miraheze, I will request for you. Greetings. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 02:34, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Audio files

Hi, little side discussion. I wanted to ask you: how did you go about recording audio? Especially, do you know how to isolate a sound, make cuts? Thanks in advance. Darkrai18 (talk) 21:13, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Darkrai18: Hi! I'm always ready to help. However, I'm not sure if you're saying how to make an audio (one with editors), or how to send an audio (the links you quoted were fine, by the way). --YellowFrogger (talk) () 21:30, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Well, like creating an audio, like the recording you provided on Wikipedia Commons. How to record, you know. Upload, I know how to do. Darkrai18 (talk) 21:35, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkrai18: Are you referring to how to create an audio like the one I uploaded to you on Wikimedia Commons? If you are referring to how to create an audio, there are many easy and wordmark free editors like VSDC where you can bring files from your cell phone to this editor. Well, there are many free converters online out there that convert MP3/AVI/MP4 any other type of file to .ogg, just search (it's very easy to find). That's my extension. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 21:47, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Yes, I'm referring to that. Could you explain me quickly how it works, your site, VSDC? Darkrai18 (talk) 21:54, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkrai18: You download here the editor. You go to "Empty project", then you have the video specs. You just click "Continue", and upload the videos (from cell phone for example). Inside it there is only a way to save .avi (video) (there is no way to save audio). To convert to OGG (audio), use a online converter (easy to find, Google search or something). Sorry if I explained it wrong, there's not much to say here. I believe you will know for yourself, because it's easy. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 22:12, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for the help. Il will try that later. Darkrai18 (talk) 22:34, 25 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

User:YellowFrogger/How to request a wiki

Doesn't request already do that?  Anpang📨  03:13, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Anpang: My page is pretty good. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 03:15, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
By "My page is pretty good" you mean it's better or it's as good?  Anpang📨  06:49, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
I find the existing mainspace page to be a blog with spotty contribution from the actual wiki creator team and was actually thinking of making my own piece on the subject. YF is more than free to his own interpretation in his userspace I think. --Raidarr (talk) 11:47, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
To clarify: I'm reminding him if he will put it to the mainspace.  Anpang📨  12:59, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Anpang: I said mine is very good, but not better. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 18:34, 26 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]
It's pretty awkward you answered just "My page is pretty good", you should've said "I think my page is pretty good" or "My page is also pretty good".  Anpang📨  01:26, 27 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Sorry about the block.

Hey there. I want to apologise about the block you received on my wiki. One of my acquaintances let me know about it. And I don't really remember blocking you myself at any moment. Honest. In any case, I have reversed it, and you're free to browse the Thalmed as much as you possibly can (considering that it is a private wiki, of course).

(Me desculpa de verdade, cara. A situação é estranha até pra mim. Enfim, Agradeço pelo toque.) -- MazzoccaTheChosen (talk) 20:24, 28 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@MazzocaTheChosen: Thank you for understanding and for unblocking! :) --YellowFrogger (talk) () 01:35, 29 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]


I'm not sure you have permission to do that (if I remember correctly) - it's their userpage. Also, it is more apropriate to just put the delete template on top, not delete all the existing content and putting in the template.  Anpang📨  05:18, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Anpang: Misuse: w:WP:UP#NOT w:WP:UP#GOALS not relative to Miraheze / w:WP:UP#PROMO self-promotion. Being on the user page doesn't become an escape area. He can request a wiki and do this on the wiki itself. Also, about the latter, I recommend asking @Agent Isai:. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 05:36, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
How do you have permission to edit someone else's userpage?  Anpang📨  06:05, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Anpang: I've delved deep enough W:WP:NOTHERE. --YellowFrogger (talk) () 06:12, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
You need to remember you're on meta right now, not wikipedia...  Anpang📨  06:39, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
It's common to cite Wikipedia policies on Miraheze Meta as Meta is lacking a lot of policies. I have considered proposing that be written into Miraheze policy, but it is an unwritten custom. On Wikipedia, you may edit another users page to request speedy deletion under a criteria, but I'm not sure how that would work on Miraheze's "free-form" system. One of the reasons why Miraheze should get CSD set up. Naleksuh (talk) 06:58, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
We have commonly accepted reasons for deletion, so I'm not certain what this request seeks to achieve. Dmehus (talk) 07:06, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: @Anpang: On the page of Template:Delete there is a reason: "User page of a likely spam only account. If in error, please add help me to your user talk page and prove you are a non-automated user account". If not, I will promote my channel and my band using Miraheze promotions. Just kidding, therefore, we should restrict the user page to not spam (escape area). --YellowFrogger (talk) () 17:02, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Competence is required

Hi YellowFrogger,

This is a very difficult message for me to have to deliver as you are very friendly, kind, and generally try to be helpful, but in speaking with multiple active users and administrators on Meta Wiki, users are having to revert, partially revert, undo, or otherwise alter your well intentioned but otherwise problematic or incorrect edits. Additionally, you appear to be following RC very closely and acting in a pseudo-patroller capacity, despite your general agreement that it would be best for you to step away from that capacity in the near-term, better learn the "ropes" and generally accepted best practices. This is problematic for both Meta patrollers and administrators alike because they now not only have to undo or correct the original problem but have to deal with your intervening edits.

Accordingly, similar to DarkMatterMan4500 back in December, I am revoking your autopatrolled permission for a period of not less than thirty (30) calendar days. After that point, you can either (a) request the permission at Meta:Administrators' noticeboard, allowing community members a short time (a day or two) to comment on whether your edits no longer need patrolling or (b) any Meta administrator may restore this permission when they feel you are ready to have it restored.

Near-term, this will mean some additional patrolling of your translation units, but, on balance, it should still result in net less administrator and patroller time than had your edits been autopatrolled, which itself suggests your edits need patrolling.

Again, thank you for the work you do here and for your contributions. :)

Dmehus (talk) 18:58, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Dmehus: Correction, you revoked my autopatrolled status on November 21st, not December. DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) (contribs) 19:05, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
DarkMatterMan4500, okay, this sounds a bit like this, but thank you for the correction, as I was off by a couple weeks on my dates. Dmehus (talk) 19:08, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
Dmehus No problem, also, are you around to check some IRC messages? (Oh wait, I think I may know the answer to my own question.) DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) (contribs) 19:18, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
I will be around all day, or most of it, today, yes, so suspect you did know the answer to this question. :) Dmehus (talk) 19:20, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: I figured you would say that. Meanwhile, I sent you 2 new CU requests on Discord for you to see from IRC if you want to give it a whirl. --DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) (contribs) 20:25, 13 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

User accounts policy notice of caution

Hi YellowFrogger,

As you are currently subject to an administrator-imposed local permissions requesting restriction (i.e., autopatrolled), as I have seen you active on Meta Wiki with your other user accounts, I just wanted to advise to review user accounts policy, a global policy, and to clarify that this rights permission restriction applies to you as a person, not to YellowFrogger as an account. While I won't out your alternate accounts at the present time, given your proclivity towards requesting permissions (notably, wiki creator), I would strongly recommend you self-disclose all current and historical Miraheze accounts via subpage to your global user page and/or Meta user page. Additionally, if I see vote multiple times with your alternate accounts, or otherwise request permissions while under active restriction, I won't hesitate to lock the socks.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Dmehus (talk) 04:15, 14 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

@Dmehus If you don't mind, can you explain what even happened? How did this go from being helpful on CP to competence? SoyokoAnis 15:29, 14 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
@Dmehus: This is definitely on any site a serious accusation, even more so for a relevant contributor. We'll see at the end of the story. If he continues to use it, we can take appropriate action. Good edits for all!  Ninox (✉️ talk | ✏️ edits | ☁️ 18:07, 14 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
That is exactly what a sock would say.  Anpang📨  02:19, 15 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Final user accounts policy warning and an indefinite global user restriction

Hi YellowFrogger,

Though it was clear from your Ninox alternate account, you were attempting a clean start, and, though I had doubts as to whether you would be able to successfully pull it off, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt by assuming good faith by not outing your alternate accounts. Nonetheless, your continuing to demonstrate the same competence is required issuers as your main account. Indeed, as Naleksuh has said publicly, and others have conveyed to my privately, it's arguably only gotten worse. This edit, !voting in a proposal you already !voted in, constitutes a material breach of user accounts policy. While you reverted the !vote, which is good, this continuing the exact same problematic behaviour and continuing the charade that you're a brand new user attempting a clean start is untenable. Notably, the material breach continued here, where you attempted to pass yourself off as a different user in your reply to me, even going so far as to lob veiled accusations when, in fact, you were the very user you were essentially saying you were not.

Instead of trying to hide from and conceal your past competency issues, you must instead be open about it and demonstrate to the community you've learned from your mistakes. Admittedly, this attempted, and badly borked clean start, has made this much more difficult for yourself, than if you'd followed my and others' advice and simply edited on your own wikis for a few months, and fully engaged with your mentor and followed his advice in terms when he felt you were ready to submit to a wiki creator nomination.

Given the above, I contemplated seriously locking your main account, but I continue to believe you're a good-faith user, so similar to, but not the same as, Bukkit, I am placing you under an indefinite Steward-imposed global user restriction limiting you, as a person, to:

  1. Requirement that any alternate accounts must be created while logged in to your main account and on Meta Wiki, for transparency; and,
  2. Requirement to disclose all past and future alternate accounts on your global user page, which can be on a transcluded subpage.

In addition, as a Meta administrator, I'm further limiting you to the following indefinite Meta Wiki user restriction:

  1. Requirement to use only your main account on Meta Wiki without express written, on-wiki approval of a administrator

With regard to the Steward global user restriction, given the problems, you should not seek full repeal of the restriction for at least six (6) months, notwithstanding if your mentor says you are ready sooner. Additionally, any requested variances to this restriction should not be requested sooner than three (3) months.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Dmehus (talk) 02:48, 15 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]